5 of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Vegan food is quite a passion of mine - being vegan for the past 12 years, I love searching out and finding new places to enjoy quality ingredients made from unique places. Moving to Portland seems like the best choice I made to satisfy this love - the city is teeming with incredible places to enjoy so many types of fully-vegan meals, and I can say that I haven’t even scratched the surface of all that’s available! However - over the past year I’ve collected a handful of favorites that I keep coming back to, for their flavor and quality - and I wanted to share them with you! So — without further ado, here are 5 of my absolute favorite places to eat in Portland:

Back to Eden Bakery

Every time anyone visits Portland, the first place I tell them to go is Back to Eden. I have never been a brunch person, but after moving to Portland and eating here, I am the biggest brunch enthusiast you’ll meet. Sometimes it can be tricky finding a hearty, classic brunch as a vegan - let alone gluten free - but Back to Eden does not disappoint in the slightest! I am wholeheartedly obsessed with this place and cannot recommend it enough.

A peek into the bright + welcoming space!

A peek into the bright + welcoming space!

Oat Milk Latte

Oat Milk Latte

Biscuits and Gravy Bowl

Biscuits and Gravy Bowl

I almost always invest in one or two of Back to Eden’s biscuits while I’m there - they are the best I’ve ever had! Their menu ranges from acai bowls, to tofu scramble, to this glorious biscuits and gravy bowl which I love so very much, and many more things. Their coffee is also exceptional - and they serve oat milk which is a plus!

Their pastry case is unbelievable!

Their pastry case is unbelievable!


In addition to their regular menu, Back to Eden also hosts a generous pastry case, all vegan and gluten free of course! Every single thing is absolutely delicious.

Back to Eden Bakery - Dakota Lynne Photography - Portland, Oregon-7.jpg

There is such a charming nature about this little space, and it’s one of my favorite place to be on a free Sunday. :)

Virtuous Pie

I was introduced to Virtuous Pie not too long ago, and it quickly has become my #1 favorite vegan pizza place on the planet. I’ve had my share of pizzas in my life, vegan and non-vegan, and there is such a craft that goes into the art of pizza making - and Virtuous Pie does it mighty fine. Their all-vegan menu is full of vast options for pizza lovers of all kinds, as well as decadent appetizers and desserts too!

Vegan Kale Caesar, Margherita Pizza, and Garlic Knots

Vegan Kale Caesar, Margherita Pizza, and Garlic Knots

Flutter and Wink Salon Photos - September 2019.jpg
Virtuous Pie - @missdakotalynne - Portland, Oregon-10.jpg

The urban, plant-inspired restaurant is so sweet and a lovely place to enjoy a meal.

Their Pizza Kitchen!

Their Pizza Kitchen!

As much as I love their pizzas, I have to say I keep ordering their kale caesar as of late - it’s by far one of the best salads I’ve had! Also, always order the garlic knots - there is truly nothing like them.

From Left to Right: House Slice, Margherita Pizza, and Chocolate Ice Cream


Virtuous Pie is somewhere I’ve brought both vegan and non-vegan friends to, and it is truly enjoyed by all - the kindhearted people working there combine with the fantastic food to make for a beautiful and delicious joint!

Virtuous Pie - @missdakotalynne - Portland, Oregon-8.jpg

Next Level Burger

Never in my life would I envision myself drinking a milkshake and eating a burger in one sitting after going vegan. Sometimes sacrifices are made for the betterment of our health, and I didn’t ever foresee a milkshake in my future as a vegan. But sacrifice no more. Read: Next Level Burger. This sustainable, eco-conscious restaurant features a fully vegan menu loaded with every decadent burger, milkshake, and french fry option you can think of.

Classic Burger, SoCal Burger, and All American Burger with Kale Caesar Salads, Sweet Potato Fries, a Dark Chocolate PB Cup Milkshake, and Peach Milkshakes.

Classic Burger, SoCal Burger, and All American Burger with Kale Caesar Salads, Sweet Potato Fries, a Dark Chocolate PB Cup Milkshake, and Peach Milkshakes.

Next Level Burger - @missdakotalynne - Portland, Oregon-4.jpg
Next Level Burger - @missdakotalynne - Portland, Oregon-3.jpg

Having avoided milkshakes and cheeseburgers for the majority of my life, I was blown away by the quality and flavor of NLB’S menu - everything was beyond what I would have ever expected and brought back so many memories!

I dream about this Dark Chocolate PB Cup Milkshake every day.

I dream about this Dark Chocolate PB Cup Milkshake every day.


I have also brought vegan and non-vegan friends here, and both love everything NLB has to offer. It’s such a treat finding fully sustainable, earth-conscious restaurants that serve amazing food as well - and Next Level Burger is none to beat!


I’ve been a Thai food enthusiast for the longest time — after going vegan, it was a cuisine my family often ordered as it is most often easy to customize and find options from. However, there are always worries of fish sauce being included in recipes (it’s a key ingredient in classic Thai dishes). However, I discovered KaTi through a sweet friend’s recommendation and my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of fully vegan Thai! Ah - this place is like no other.

Kati Portland - Dakota Lynne Photography - Portland, Oregon-2.jpg

KaTi offers a plethora of menu options from appetizers, to hearty mains, to curries, noodles, and so much more. Everything is made to order, and fully vegan - with no flavor sacrifice whatsoever!

From left to right: Pla Rhad Prik, Tom Yum Hang Noodle, and Tom Yum Soup.

I traveled to Thailand a couple of years ago and have had a difficult time finding Thai cuisine that matches the quality of flavor from the beautiful country since then. I can say that KaTi delivers a 100% flavorful, authentic flavor palette that blew me away!

Kati Portland - Dakota Lynne Photography - Portland, Oregon-10.jpg

The space is SO cute as well - tucked in the heart of Division, one of my favorite streets in Portland. The small scale space has an open kitchen so you’re able to watch the talented chefs prepare the food, and delivers such a fun and wonderful experience.

Kati Portland - Dakota Lynne Photography - Portland, Oregon-6.jpg

If you’re looking for the best Thai food in Portland (in my opinion and many others), please visit KaTi as soon as you can — I can’t recommend it enough!

Kate’s Ice Cream

My last feature for this post is a little something you can enjoy at home - perfect for when you’re wanting to enjoy a treat and stay in! If you know me, you know I’m a fully-fledged ice cream fanatic. I’ve tried what seems like hundreds of vegan ice creams in my life, and have a few favorites - but Kate’s Ice Cream has quickly risen to the very top of my preference list.

Kate's Ice Cream - @missdakotalynne - Portland, Oregon-4.jpg

Kate’s Ice Cream is a small-owned business operated by the lovely Kate herself, and is available for pint pickup or Postmates on Fridays during the week - a trip I make frequently to stock my freezer for the weekend! She uses such quality ingredients in her bases, and the flavors are unlike any I’ve tasted before.

Kate's Ice Cream - @missdakotalynne - Portland, Oregon.jpg

Some of my favorites of hers are: Marionberry Cobbler, Salted Peanut Butter Brittle (the best!), and Triple Chocolate Brownie - but she has others that are so delicious as well!

Kate's Ice Cream - @missdakotalynne - Portland, Oregon-8.jpg
Kate's Ice Cream - @missdakotalynne - Portland, Oregon-6.jpg

Be sure to follow Kate on Instagram to keep an eye out for where she’ll be popping up next, and give her treats a taste - they’re my favorite.

Portland is such a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of vegan foods, and I’m always excited to try new places each week - but these are some places that I keep coming back to, and will always recommend! Please do let me know if you try any, I’d love to hear!